Novel Typing | Details

01. Registration is valid for one year.
02. The book (Novel) of 350 pages will be provided in the form of hard copy or sometimes maybe in the form of soft copy (.jpeg image files or pdf file). Each page contains approximately 450 words.
03. Separate software will be provided for typing. This software will run for continues 18 days from the date of installation.
04. This software runs on Windows operating system only, so can be installed only on a computer or laptop. This work can not be done on mobile.
05. One work will be provided at a time. Work once started on one machine must be completed on the same machine.
06. This work cannot be divided on more than one machine.
07. The first three words will be given for practice on a targeted basis. That means, it is not compulsory to complete the target of 350 pages in the first three works.
08. It is mandatory to complete the target of 350 pages after the first three works.
09. Target is optional for the first three works only. After that, incomplete work will not be accepted.
10. If the target of 350 pages is not completed in any 4 works in a year (including the first three works), then the next work will not be provided and registration will be canceled.
11. Spelling mistakes, capital small letter mistakes, punctuation mark mistakes, words missing or extra words, if required space not given or unnecessary space given, all these mistakes will be counted.
12. Accuracy report of work will be sent to the registered email address 48 hours from submission.

13. On getting an accuracy report, payment will be provided in the next 48 hours by NEFT/IMPS mode.
14. Work payment will not be provided by cash mode in any case.
15. Bank details or UPI id needs to be submitted at the time of 1st work payment through the payout link received on the registered mobile number or email address.

16. Even after submitting the work, typing remains saved on your machine and you can check it any time. After receiving the accuracy report, you can cross-check it.
17. If you have any queries or complaints regarding the accuracy report then you should inform the company through email within 48 hours of receiving the report.
18. The company will not be responsible for any technical difficulties in your machine, e.g. data loss, viruses, hard disk crashing, etc.
19. If our company fails to provide the work in the registration period, the refund of the registration fee will be given immediately.
20. After receiving the registration fee, the job material (data, software, installation guide, etc.) will be sent to registered email addresses.
21. Registration fee is strictly non-refundable and one cannot demand a refund of the registration fee by canceling registration.
22. Pending registration fee (if any) will be deducted from work payment.
23. If the pending registration fee is not recovered from work payment even after two works then remaining
registration fee (whatever the amount will be) should be paid so as get the next work.
24. The next work will be provided only after getting an accurate report of previously submitted work.
25. The company has reserved the right to make minor changes in the rules as required from time to time without any prior intimation.
26. You are requested not to ask for a refund of the registration fee and cooperate without any dispute in this regard.
27. Use only that software which is provided by our company to do this work. Use of any other software or database password cracking or connecting database to other program or using autotype or converting given data files using OCR will cause problems for getting accuracy report and payment.
28. Use of any other software or database password cracking or connecting database to other program or running the software on multiple computers using N-computing or using auto typer or converting given data files using OCR will cause your registration to be blocked temporarily or permanently and may be liable for legal action against you.
29. Work payment will depend upon the number of pages typed and a number of mistakes in the entire work.
30. Work payment will be given as per the table given below.